Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Spring Wreath

Ok, I'm so exhausted  from the long winter that I can't wait from the spring to show up. And because today was maybe the first warm day in months (it was plus six) I decided that it's time to make my spring wreath.
It is very easy to make, and cost me just a few dollars.

And if you want to make one yourself, see what you'll need...

Monday, 28 March 2011

DIY Earrings display - under 5 $!

If you've seen my previous post you'll know that I've created some handmade earrings, which I'm very happy with. Today I decided to make a display where I can hang them, so I can see clearly and decide easily which one of them to wear! I've made a quick research for ideas and I found a nice and warm blog with the exact thing I was looking for.Unfortunately, I have no idea where to buy pegboard , so started thinking what else I can use to make the display. I started looking at home for what I have in hand and look  what I came up with.The only thing I had to buy was a picture frame ( 1,25$ at the dollar store ). I hope you like it!

Sunday Afternoon Crafts - Earrings and Flowers !!!

Let me show you what I've done this cold Sunday afternoon. It looks like winter will stay forever here in Montreal I started losing patience. Every morning I wake up I hope today it's going to be nice and sunny, but it keeps striking me with cold, minus temperatures. So I woke up this Sunday and decided to enter the sun at home by making some bright earrings and flower hair pins. Take a look!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Little Darling Toddler-Youth Crochet Shell Cap

When I was little I use to spend my weekends and vacations at my grand parents house. I remember the cold winter nights, sitting next to my grand mother and wondering what to do.There were no cable tv, no internet or video games and because it was too cold and dark outside to go play with my friends I was expecting my grandma to entertain me :). After playing all kind of games one night she asked me if I want her to teach me how to crochet. She was very very good at crocheting and knitting. At first I was a little bit skeptic, but I've tried and I liked it. She taught me how to make some of the basic stitches, flowers and other staff. But with the time I started growing up, going out more and more and left behind my crochets....Until now, few weeks ago I saw a picture of my  friend's daughter with a lovely crochet hat and I decided to make one myself for my niece. I started looking on the internet for a tutorial and found an amazing blog with instructions and even video tutorials. I thought I will screw up with the hat because the only thing I remembered was how to make a chain. I went to the nearest Dollar store bought some yarn and a hook and started my hat, following the instructions round by round, pausing and turning back. And just like that after an hour and a half I finished the hat and it was looking nice. I couldn't believe that I did it myself. If you want to try look here for tutorials  Then I decided may be if I put a big flower on it will be even better. I remembered that a couple of days ago I saw a tutorial how to make a device for weaving something like a rope This site is in Bulgarian, but google translate will do the job. So, I wove the cord and folded in the shape of a flower, attached it to the hat and even made a scarf to go with it.

Welcome to Byby's Kingdom!

That's official - I have my own blog! Now it's my job to turn it into something nice...I promise I'll do my best. My first post will not be long and interesting. I want to say something about the blog's design. It is something I made in Photoshop, nothing special, but I like it. The conception and the making are mine, but all the cakes you see I've cropped from image I found using google. I think because I didn't draw them it is right to say where I took them from. Fortunately the image I found not only suited my conception, but it also introduced me this wonderful site for fabrics, buttons and other interesting staff. And because I was amazed I want to share it with you.Voila !
See...Aren't these amazing!