Thursday, 21 April 2011

Easter Baskets

I did'n tell you that I have a niece and two nephews - Nicole (17months), Peter (4.5 years) and Krassimir(5 months). Peter and Nicole are my husband's sister children and they also live in Montreal. Krassimir is my brother's son, who was one of the first babies born in Bulgaria for 2011. He is too small for Easter treats and too far to send cookies but I sent him some baby staff. And for Peter and Nicole I decided to make personalized Easter baskets. I'm sure they will like them! Kids don't need much to be happy, clear minded and far away from the material grown - up world, they smile even at the small grey pebbles.

In the baskets I put home made cookies, Kinder surprise egg, Milka cream filled egg, peeps, chocolate bunnies, small chocolate eggs, jelly beans and some hopping bunnies and duckies.


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