Monday, 27 February 2012

Basil Corn Crackers with garlic and bean puree / Царевични кракери с босилек и чесново бобено пюре

Recently I've bought a "new" cookbook. Actually it's not exactly new, because it is a thrift store find and was published back in 2002. I'm talking about The Mayo Clinic Williams - Sonoma Cookbook: Simple Solutions. For Eating Well. The book is a winner of The Julia Child Cookbook Award and so far I'm in love with it! 
The recipes are simple, well balanced, delicious ( for what I've tried), plus next to every recipe there is a nutrition analyses which makes it easy to see what exactly you take from the food. I forgot to mention the price I paid for the book - $ 3.75 and it is a large book, full color photographs, glossy wipe-able pages.  So, expect to see more and more recipes from the book posted here in my blog.
I chose to start with something easy - Garlic and bean puree. It goes very well on crackers, tortilla chips or just plain, eaten with the fork.

Here comes the recipe. Easy right?

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Mini Berry Charlottes / Мини плодови шарлоти

Hi, everyone! If you've read my last week posts you probably know how I wanted to stop eating sweets and keep it on the balanced side so I can fit in my summer clothes. One of my readers shared what is she doing when she doesn't fit in her clothes - she buys the next size !:) And I said, whatever I can do that and just like that my diet went down the drain. Ok, it is not exactly like that, because beside the sweets I eat, which is not all the time and not in uncontrolled quantities I  keep all my other  meals pretty balanced and healthy. I hope this works for me, or I have to stop using internet, because there are too many temptations out there. Just like today's recipe.
I saw it on Pinterest and was captured immediately from the soft colors, the freshness and the pure beauty of this delicate dessert. See it for yourself ( try not to see the burned lady fingers :)!

I had to separate the recipe in two parts, because it is kind of long. And don't be afraid of that, it looks long and complicated, but it is actually easy and every step is worth.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Blackberry Drop Scones / Бързи скони с къпини

The last two days my muse for cooking was taken by the muse for crafting, so I left the apron on the side. But today almost all of the food blogs on my list shared some kind of very sweet and tempting dessert and I felt the urge to bake something. I checked what I have in my pantry and fridge and wondered what's sweet, easy and quick. The answer came fast - drop scones! I know they aren't the best looking scones, but are perfect for a quick afternoon breakfast. And voila - the scones!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Low - fat mini potato galettes and pork rolls / Диетични мини картофени галети и свински рулца

See what we had last night for dinner. Something easy, fancy looking and the best part almost fat free.
My mini potato galettes are not even close to the traditional galette, which is usually made in a pie plate, over  buttery pie crust and with grated cheese between the thin potato layers, but just don't forget we are trying to look after what we eat these days.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Oven-Fried Chicken / " Пържено" пиле на фурна

At the end of my yesterday's post I promised to share with you the oven - fried chicken recipe and that's exactly what I'll be doing today. It is simple as 1, 2, 3  and tastes great. It is juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside, just like a deep fried yummy chicken, without all the greasiness from the absorbed oil.

 Adapted from: Canadian Living Magazine

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Grilled polenta with roasted garlic / Грилована полента с печен чесън

Hi, everyone! First of all I want to thank you all for your lovely comments. It is nice to know what people think about my blog. Your visits and comments give me motivation to continue doing what I'm doing. Thanks again.
Yesterday, I was very disappointed from my balance readings and with spring and summer on their way it is kind of  a good time to start getting in form. I know I'm supposed  to do that all year around, but let's be honest with all the winter holidays it is kind of impossible. Valentine's day is over and it is time to cut the sweets a little bit and to start eating in more balanced way. Keeping the right proportions of protein (30%), carbohydrates(40%) and fats(30%) works well for us. We were following this "diet" plan for the last 3 - 4 years.  And when I say diet plan I don't mean some strict, blind following, we just try to keep the proportions for most of the time, of course with some exceptions ( I'm the one cheating on regular basis ). So, don't be surprised if you don't see heavily frosted cupcakes coming one after another in my blog. I don't promise that, but at least I'm willing to try.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day ! / Честит празник на любовта и виното!

Happy Valentine's Day ! 
There won't be a big post or recipes. I'm just passing by to wish all of you all the LOVE in the world!
Celebrate this magical filling everyday and never forget that to love and to be loved is one of the most precious gifts! Together with health and happiness it closes the circle and you need nothing more or at least that's enough for me! 

14 Things I Love About You Card - DIY Heart Shaped Pie Pops Heart Shaped Roasted PotatoesRaspberry and chocolate cupcakesFruit kabobs, Ice cream cone cupcakesHomemade crackersValentine Fortune CookiesChocolate MousseHeart Shaped Peanut butter Cake PopsFrench Macarons with White Chocolate Ganache and Rose water

Картичка "14 неща който обичам в теб" - направи си самПайчета - сърца на клечкаПечени картофени сърцаКексчета с пълнеж от малини и шоколад Плодови шишчета ,  Кексчета в сладоледена фунийка Домашни кракери  , Бисквитки с късметчетаШоколадов мусФъстъчени кексчета сърца на клечка Френски макарони с бял ганаш и розова вода

Честит празник на любовта и виното!
Днес няма да има дълга публикация и рецепти. Минавам само за да ви пожелая всичката ЛЮБОВ на света! Празнувайте това магическо чувство всеки ден и не забравяйте, че да обичаш и да бъдеш обичан е един от най - прекрасните дарове! Заедно със здравето и щастието кръга се затваря и всичко друго е излишно, или поне за мен е така!

Monday, 13 February 2012

French Macarons with White Chocolate Ganache and Rose water / Френски макарони с бял ганаш и розова вода

These days French Macarons are looking at you from every other food blog. There is some kind of obsession and I couldn't resist it too. So for today we are having french macarons. I think it is the perfect time of year for having these little gems, knowing that France is the country they are coming from ( although there is some kind of debate about their origin) and France is considered one of the most romantic places on Earth. These two things (plus adding few drops of pink or red food coloring, piping them in heart shapes ) make macarons perfectly suitable for the upcoming Valentine's Day.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Heart Shaped Peanut butter Cake Pops / Фъстъчени кексчета сърца на клечка

February is known as the month of LOVE. And because we associate love with something nice, sweet and comforting we eat and give to our loved ones chocolates, cookies and other sweet treats forgetting that love is not only sweet, love has also some salted moments. We all have such moments, even when everything is perfect. It is just like that: sweet and salted go hand by hand when it comes to love, and may be that's what makes love so special!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Chocolate Mousse / Шоколадов мус

Hi, everyone! Are you chocolate lovers like me? If so, you'll like my post. It is always a good time for chocolate and with Valentine's day just around the corner, chocolate is allowed in big quantities.  Today I have for you Chocolate Mousse. This one is easy to make and is ready in 20 -30 minutes. Oh, and no need to say it is yummy! I took the recipe form " Moi & La Cuisine" magazine. Enjoy!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Valentine Fortune Cookie Disaster / Неуспешни бисквитки с късметчета

I wondered whether or not to post my " unfortunate " fortune cookies, but finally I decided to do it.
After all, no one is insured against total failures when baking and cooking, it can't be perfect every time.
I've wanted to make fortune cookies for quite some time, but knowing what a tricky job this is I was afraid of even trying them. It takes patience and at the same time you have to work fast, and the cookie is hot....
But a week ago when I saw these cuties I couldn't resist. They were the perfect thing for my Valentine's Day posts! I've watched few videos on how to make them, collected great thought about love and they didn't looked so scary to me any more. So, said and done. This time I was determined to bake these little fortune tellers.
 I didn't need long time from starting to know this project will be some kind of disaster. First I wasn't able to spread the batter evenly in a nice thin circle, than I managed to make them thinner, but my oven started behaving strangely and even on the fifth minute the cookies were coming out over baked. I took out my oven thermometer  , only to see that my oven is not working properly. So, long story short - my first try of making fortune cookies finished with 12 unfortunate cookies. At least they were delicious.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Homemade crackers / Домашни кракери

Today, I'm just passing by to share with you another idea for your Valentine's day party, or romantic dinner. These simple to make crackers can be cut in every possible shape and topped with whatever you like your crackers with.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Ice cream cone cupcakes / Кексчета в сладоледена фунийка

For the first time I saw these cute Ice cream cone cupcakes on TLC's DC Cupcakes  show and I was impressed how magical they look and how easy  they can be made. I won't lie telling you that I was a little jealous that I didn't came up with this amazing idea... whatever...may be one day I'll invent something genius too. 
So, I have an eye on them since than, but every time I bought ice cream cones to make the cupcakes, the cones were gone together with a box of ice cream before I manage to bake them. But the other day at the store when I saw all the boxes of cones I knew this time they will be eaten with cupcake inside. And there you go... my Ice cream cone chocolate cupcakes!

Monday, 6 February 2012

Fruit kabobs / Плодови шишчета

Hi, everyone! Today my husband is working from home, so I decided to surprise him with something light and fruity at the early afternoon. I wanted it to be more special than just fruits in a bowl, so I made fruit kabobs with three different dips. It is not that I discovered something new, but because they turned out so great I wanted to share them with you. I think this is an easy and nice way to surprise your loved ones, or your friends if you are having a party. As I said in my previous posts I want to keep the love theme, so some of the fruits are cut in heart shapes.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Friday, 3 February 2012

Heart Shaped Roasted Potatoes / Печени картофени сърца

I hope you are not tired of my heart shaped ideas! Actually today`s recipe is for something we love to eat - roasted potatoes. Usually I cut them into wedges, but this time inspired from Haniela`s post and due to the upcoming Valentine`s day I played a little bit and made them in a heart shapes. I won`t deny, it takes longer but there are two advantages. First they are cuter and second you have enough scraps to make delicious potato cream soup or mashed potatoes. Just don`t forget to put the potatoes you won`t be using right away in bowl filled with clean water.

Heart Shaped Pie Pops / Пайчета - сърца на клечка

My today's post is keeping the Valentine's day theme. Last week I bought a big jar of my favorite fig jam ( I adore figs in all forms) and wanted to make something with it before I eat the whole thing just scooping in the jar every time I go in the kitchen. I was planning to use it for a jam - filled Italian crostata, but I wanted to keep the Valentine's day spirit, so I've changed my idea and decided to make pie pops. I'm telling you fig jam + pie dough is yum and when it comes on a stick in heart shape it is even better!


Aren't they cute?! I love, love how they turned out !!!
I'm giving you just the dough recipe and as for the filling use whatever pie filling you love...But at least once try them with fig jam !!! 

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Cute Valentine's Day ideas and bloggers awards / Идеи за Свети Валентин и наградки

Just passing by to share with you some cute Valentine's Day ides from other blogs. There are so many wonderful ides out there !
Another thing I wanted to tell you is that now you can join me on Facebook too...finally! I've created the page few months ago, but first there was something wrong with the "like it" button, than when I finally managed to make the button work Facebook started asking for a cell phone and during the time I was wondering whether I should give them my cell number or not, they suspended my account. Luckily everything is working now! I'll try to share interesting finds from the Internet and what's coming next on Byby's Kingdom on daily basis, so feel free to join me there.

Преминавам на бързо, за да ви споделя няколко симпатични идеи за Св. Валентин, които намерих в други блогове. Толкова много прекрасни идеи има в интернет пространството!
Друго, което исках да ви споделя е, че Byby's Kingdom вече си има страничка и в Facebook. Създадох я преди няколко месеца, но първо бутона за връзка не работеше. Когато най - после успях да го подкарам, от Facebook започнаха да ми искат номера на мобилния телефон и докато се чудя да го дам ли или не, блокираха страницата. За щастие всичко вече работи! Ще се опитам ежедневно да публикувам интересни неща, на които съм попаднала ровейки в интернет, както и подсказки за това какво предстои да видите тук в блога. Всички сте добре дошли !

Sweetheart Paper Garland Tutorial from 21 Rosemary Lane

Love Sugar Cubes from Gaby's Kitchen Adventures

Ruffled Heart Valentine Dress from Make it and Love it

Sweet Hearts Cupcakes from Glorious Treats

Heart shapped pizza
Heart Shaped Pizza from Chef Mom

I almost forgot  about the awards I've received last week.
За малко да забравя да се похваля с наградите, които получих.

These two are from Petya from Buono, Mamma. If you love beautiful pictures and yummy recipes, visit her blog.
I already shared things about me here and here.

Първите две са от Петя от  Buono, Mamma, незнам дали има нужда да казвам, че в блога има невероятни снимки и страхотни вкусотии.
Вече прочетохте тук и тук, това което трябва да направя според условието.

The second one is a Friendship Award from Elixir from Culinary Potion. Thank you, Elixir for being my virtual friend !

Втората е награда за приятелство от Еликсир от Кулинарен еликсир. Благодаря ти , Роси! Радвам се, че в твое лице срещнах приятел, макар и само виртуален!

The third one is coming from Candy from My Candy Kitchen. I became her follower recently, but I'm already addicted and I'm checking her blog every day for new amazing ideas and recipes!

И третата награда идва от Кенди от My Candy Kitchen. От скоро съм последовател на блогът и, но вече съм зарибена и следя всекидневно прекрасните идеи, които споделя!

And because these awards made me so happy I want to share the joy by giving them to: 
Amie from It's overflowing, Petya from Buono, mamma, Candy from My Candy Kitchen, Nat from NatSprat, Emilia from The secret - with love , Rossi from The Big Cookie, Nina from Ninfill's Kitchen, Wafi from Wafi's Kitchen, Tania from Know how to cook, Moss from Forest Moss, Marieta from Passion Cooking, Lety from Culinary Adventure , Jani from Gea's Gifts, Elixir from Culinary Potion, Tony from In the kitchen with me, Zory from Zornizza Pizza, Gaby from Kitchen adventures, Katerina from Delight with Katerina, Jivka from Zoii's Recipes, Moni from Kochzauber, Aelis from Aelis in the Wonderland , Rosita from Barato y Rico, Ivana from Buona Furcetta .

И понеже тези наградки много ме зарадваха, искам да споделя своята радост като ги предам на :  Ейми от It's overflowing, Петя от Buono, mamma, Кенди от My Candy Kitchen, Нат от NatSprat, Емилия от The secret - with love , Роси от The Big Cookie, Нина от Кухнята на Нинфил, Wafi от Wafi's Kitchen, Таня от Аз готвя..., Мъхчето от  Горски мъх, Мариета Когато готвенето стане страст, Лети от Кулинарно приключение, Жани от Даровете на Гея, Еликсир от Кулинарен еликсир, Тони от С мен в кухнята, Зори от Zornizza Pizza, Габи от  Авантюристично в кухнята, Катето от Наслада с Катерина, Живка от Рецептите на Зои, Мони от Kochzauber, Аелис от Аелис в страната на чудесата, Росита от Barato y Rico, Ивана от С нож и вилица в ръка .

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

14 Things I Love About You Card - DIY / Картичка "14 неща който обичам в теб" - направи си сам

The month of LOVE is already here. In our little family this is the month of love not only because of Valentine's Day, but because on February 22  we celebrate  the day we became girlfriend and boyfriend. We cherish this day even more than our wedding day and we celebrate it every year.
Today's post I won't be showing you a recipe but a cute idea for something like a countdown card to Valentine's day. The general idea I took from last year February issue of Martha Steward Living, where there was a little tutorial of how to make an accordion card from 10 envelopes. I loved the idea, but it was already too late to make the card, so I put it into my "to do" list for this year. And because I wanted to share it with you before the holiday, so you can make one for your loved one and at the same time keep it a secret from my husband ( who is the biggest supporter of my blog, reading everything I post here) I've changed the idea a little bit and instead of a card I created a countdown to Valentine's day with 14 cards, one for each day.

Ето, че дойде и месецът на любовта. В нашето малко семейство това е месец на любовта, не само заради Св. Валентин, но и защото на 22 февруари празнуваме денят, в който станахме гаджета. Честно казано този празник си го празнуваме и обичаме повече от деня, в който станахме семейство. :)
В днешния ми пост няма да има рецепта, а една идея за нещо като картичка, която отброява дните до Св. Валентин. Главната идея видях в миналогодишният февруарски брой на списанието на Марта Стюард, където имаше кратък урок как да направим сами картичка - акордеон от 10 плика. Идеята много ми допадна, но вече беше твърде късно да я реализирам и си я сложих в графата " да направя" тази година. И понеже исках да я споделя с вас преди празника, и в същото време да бъде изненада за съпруга ми ( който между другото е най - големият фен на блога и чете всичко, което публикувам) малко промених идеята. Така вместо картичка " 10 неща, които обичам в теб", стана "14 неща, които обичам в теб", като за всеки ден има по един плик. 

14 Things I Love About You Card