Saturday, 28 April 2012

Chocolate Spoons / Шоколадови лъжички

Last year when I saw these cute chocolate spoons on Pinterest  I knew I'll be making them. I made some for Christmas, but never had the chance to post them here around the holidays. Then it was to too late to post them because they were all made in Christmas colors and small sugar Xmas trees and crushed candy canes, so I decided to make a new batch with colorful decorations. I know in some places Spring has already arrived in it's full force, but here in Montreal, even if it starts to look like spring, it is still cold and rainy and a cup of hot chocolate is always welcome.
What I love about these spoons is not only their cuteness but also their functionality. When I make them I usually prepare more than I need right away, wait for the chocolate to be completely set and place them in a box and than in the fridge. Like that I don't need to melt chocolate every time I want to drink hot chocolate. Instead I just warm up a cup of milk, stick a spoon in it and there I have a nice warm chocolate drink. And they are hit not only for kids parties, but they can add a nice touch and surprise your friends at daytime coffee parties. 

Friday, 27 April 2012

Very Chocolate Cake with Nutella / Много шоколадова торта с Нутела

Yesterday morning when I started waking up, I'm not sure if I was dreaming or awake, but all I can see was a big chocolate moist cake covered and filled with more chocolate, dripping from everywhere. I even felt the taste in my mouth... So I opened my eyes, took my laptop in bed and started looking at my Pinterest boards for a recipe, because I remembered pinning a chocolate cake recently. My husband was working from home and he probably thought I'm crazy when I showed up with my messy hair and slightly opened eyes and said I'm making a chocolate cake... What can I do, when I want chocolate I want it now!
So that's how my Very Chocolate Cake was made. For the cakes I used Foodess recipe, the filling between the layers is my favorite Nutella and to cover the cake I made the frosting that Ivana used for her Berry Cake.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Apple Pie Inside an Apple / Ябълков пай в ябълка

I adore apple pie and baked apples, so when I saw the recipe posted by Chronicles of a domestic dilettante where she bakes the apple pie inside an apple I knew it is a win - win situation for me. I had everything I need in hand, so why wait?! The only changes I made were using a homemade pie dough and adding some chopped walnuts. I'm very happy with the result! These pies totally fit my taste, plus they are so cute.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Ratatouille / Рататуй

My first rendezvous with this famous French Provencal Vegetable dish was may be 7 years ago, when I bought very cute tablecloth with eggplants, onions, zucchini etc. circled with letters, spelling Ratatouille. Everything was painted so well, that it looked delicious to me and I decided to check what exactly Ratatouille is. Since then that's one of my favorite dishes. I love it as a main dish, or side dish for pasta and meat.
I love it also for the fact that you can play with it and change some of the ingredients, and it's always good!
For the Ratatouille I'm sharing with you today I used the recipe I saw at Table for 2 ... or more. I made a few changes, but most of it is pretty much the same.

Monday, 16 April 2012

My cooking inspirations or another blogger challenge / Готварски вдъхновения

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! Now when Easter is over I finally found some time to answer Ivana's challenge. It is about what inspires me in my everyday cooking, my cook books and magazines.
I know I'll repeat myself, but I have to tell you again: I LOVE books!!! May be I'll sound old fashioned to some of you but I still can't get the idea of all the e - books and readers. For me, opening a book is like a magic, the smell of the paper, the texture of the pages, everything... I know that you can find everything on the Internet and I use it on everyday bases, but still buying a real book is my favorite. Unfortunately, due to the limits that air companies put on the luggage weight I had to leave my cook book collection in Bulgaria, so I don't have much to show, but on my next vacation there, I'll surely take every single book with me.

Здравейте, дами! Надявам се, че сте изкарали един невероятен празничен уикенд!
Сега, когато Великденските празници приключиха, най - после се наканих да изпълня задачката, която преди време Ивана от "С нож и вилица в ръка " ми постави. Идеята на предизвикателството е да покажа вдъхновенията и подсказките, които използвам в готвенето или моите кулинарни книги и списания. Както и друг път съм споменавала, обожавам книгите, не само готварските, а изобщо. И колкото и старомодно да звучи, все още не мога да възприема идеята за електроните книги. Няма сила, която да ме убеди, че усещането е еднакво! За мен отварянето на книга е като магия, миризмата на хартия, допира със страниците, самият ритуал на разлистване...И, макар че в Интернет вече може да се намери всичко, купуването на истинска книга за мен си остава любимо занимание. За жалост, поради ограниченията в килограмите багаж, които авио компаниите имат, трябваше да оставя голямата си колекция от книги в България, но при следващото пътуване ще бъдат пренесени със сигурност. Ето, това са книгите и списанията, с което разполагам в момента:

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Честито Възкресение Христово!

Честито Възкресение Христово! Да сме живи, здрави и добри! 

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

2 Weeks of Easter Fun - Day 8 - Old Fashioned Bulgarian Easter Cookies / 2 Седмици Великден - Ден 8 - Курабийките на баба Норче

Last year in my Easter posts I shared with you the recipe for Peaches Cookies ( Praskovki ) which are very popular around Easter in Bulgaria. Now, I have for you something even more traditional - Kurabii or Old Fashioned Bulgarian Easter Cookies. It is difficult to tell where exactly they are coming from, because everything in Eastern Europe and especially Balkan Peninsular is so mixed up that it is impossible to trace, not only with these cookies but in general. The only thing I know is that for me they smell like Easter and childhood. My grandmother used to bake tons of these for Easter, as my husband's grandmother too.  A month ago, when my mother in law send us the original recipe for them I knew I'll bake them for Easter. I wanted to surprise my husband, because when he talks about his grandma Nora, he always tells a story about how delicious her Easter cookies were. And voila, I baked them and it is true - they are delicious!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

2 Weeks of Easter Fun - Day 7 - Easter Decorations / 2 Седмици Великден - Ден 7 - Великденска Украса

This year I've decided to keep our Easter decorations simple, not because I don't have ideas or I don't want to make them, but because we still remember the whole army of gingerbread men left without legs, hands or heads after our little gray monster Chocho decided to rearrange the Christmas decor. So, for now bye, bye Easter tree! may be next year when he is older and hopefully calmer I'll make one again.
Also you'll see in the pictures the decorations are more spring oriented than Easter and that's because I want to keep them longer.

Monday, 9 April 2012

2 Weeks of Easter Fun - Day 6 - Chocolate & Walnuts Stuffed Bulgarian Easter Bread / 2 Седмици Великден - Ден 6 - Козунак с пълнеж от орехи и шоколад

I was planning to share some of my Easter decorations in today's post, but than decided to try one more time to bake a traditional Bulgarian Easter bread. And because my try was a total success and I'm so exited about it I couldn't wait one more day before I share it with you.
The name of this delicious sweet bread is Kozunak. Generally Kozunak is a sweet yeast bread, made with flour, eggs, milk and sugar. It can be just plain bread or filled with dried fruits and nuts, chocolate, jam , or combination of them.
That's my third try and so far it's the first one I'm happy with. I almost gave up on making Kozunak due to my previous failures, but after reading Rossi's publication how the first few times she had the same results and frustrations as me ( go see her now, she is a real master ), I've decided to give it one more try. Her blog post led me to Venetta's recipe which I used for the Kozunak you see in the pictures. Venetta's blog is in Bulgarian, but if Google translate doesn't work for you, leave me a comment or e-mail and I'll try to translate it for you.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

2 Weeks of Easter Fun - Day 5 - Egg Pops / 2 Седмици Великден - Ден 5 - Egg Pops

Happy Easter Everyone! I hope you have a great holiday!
As I mentioned here, I'm an orthodox christian, so for me and my family, Easter is next Sunday, so I'll continue to post Easter Ideas for one more week.
For today I have made basic vanilla cake pops, but shaped like eggs. I think these Egg pops will be great addition to every Easter dessert table. They are cute and yummy and will make your guests happy!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

2 Weeks of Easter Fun - Day 4 - Carrot shaped crescents filled with egg salad / 2 Седмици Великден - Ден 4 - Кроасанови моркови пълнени с яйчена салата

For Day 4 of my " 2 Weeks of Easter Fun" project I have something salty for you. The idea isn't mine, but I loved it from the moment I saw it at Hungry Happenings. It is one of the places where I can spend my whole day in. There is always something new and cute, and interesting as these Carrot Shaped Crescents.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Two Weeks Of Easter Fun - Day 3 - Coconut Nests / Седмици Великден - Ден 3 - Кокосови гнезда

I have another sweet treat for you today. There are so many cute Easter ideas all over the Internet and I wish I could make every single one. Unfortunately I have just two hands and 24 hours a day, so it's kind of impossible. One of the first Easter treats that I pinned this year were the Coconut Nests. I love how sweet they look and how simple and easy is to make them. If you google them you'll find so many variations which makes the choice even difficult. After browsing hundreds of different recipes I decided to try the one posted by Miss Candyquick.

Monday, 2 April 2012

2 Weeks of Easter Fun - Day 2 - Peeps Cake Pops / 2 Седмици Великден - Ден 2 - Великденски Кексчета на Клечка

You already know about my obsession with mini things on sticks, so no surprises there! I hope you aren't tired of it, because I just can't stop myself. 
For Day 2 of "Two Weeks of Easter Fun" project I made these cute little cupcakes with peeps, because what's Easter without peeps. I love them in all shapes and colors, they make everything looks fun.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Две седмици - Великден! Ден 1 - Пролетно почистване

Остават точно две седмици до Великден. Тази година православният Великден е на различна дата от католическия. Разминаваме се с една седмица и тук при нас реално празника е на 8ми април, магазините са заляти със зайчета, пиленца, шоколадови яйца, декорации, всичко е украсено в свежи пролетни цветове, което пък яко разбуди празничното настроение в мен. И, макар че ние си празнуваме на нашата дата, започвам още от сега с Великденската тема, просто не мога да устоя.
Не обещавам, но ще дам всичко от себе си и ще се постарая в царството да има по една великденска тема всеки ден до Великден.
Първата публикация от великденската поредица е свързана с нещо, което почти всички правим по това време на годината, независимо от религия, националност или местоположение, а именно Пролетно почистване!
Беше ми любопитно да разбера от къде идва тази традиция и направих малко проучване в Интернет. Оказва се, че има няколко предполагаеми първоизточника.
Първата версия свързва пролетното почистване с персийската нова година, която е на първият ден от пролетта, като седмицата преди празника и до ден днешен иранците извършват обстойно почистване на домовете си, наречено "khooneh tekouni", което преведено буквално значи " разтърсване на къщата".

Two Weeks Of Easter Fun - Day 1 - Spring Cleaning

Most of you are probably wondering why Two Weeks of Easter Fun, when there is only one week until Easter. Those of you who have read " About me " already know that I'm coming from Bulgaria, and we - Bulgarians are Orthodox Christians and as such we use the Julian calendar instead of the Gregorian for our religious holidays. That's why there is a difference in the dates we celebrate Easter, not always, but most of the this year.
The Catholic Easter is on April 8 and the Orthodox is on April 15. And because most of my readers and myself included, we will celebrate on April 15, and I'll be posting Easter related recipes, crafts and ideas a little bit longer. I don't promise but I'll do my best, and try to post everyday until Easter. 
My first post in the "Two Weeks of Easter Fun" project is about something we all do this time of year, no matter what religion and nationality we have - Spring Cleaning. 
I did a little research about the Spring cleaning, when it started for the first time, where it's coming from...
There are few different theories about it. Some suggest that the origins of spring cleaning date back to the Persian new year which falls on the first day of spring, and the week before the holiday, Iranians practice "khooneh tekouni" which literally means "shaking the house".